Russell Bogdan has more than 20 years of experience designing custom paintings and murals for private and commercial spaces.  Using both traditional and contemporary themes, he will create scenes in his studio, as movable installations for long term investment, or travel to paint directly on location.   Having an architectural background gives him a greater awareness of the complexities of designing around interior spaces,  particularly when it comes to drawing exact elevations, working around niches and built-ins, or even fabricating custom moldings and frames. He also has extensive knowledge in art and antique conservation. 


Consultations are generally free of charge. For mural commissions, Russell begins his initial meeting discussing the overall scope of the project.  Decisions clients might consider in advance include a preferred theme and subject matter. Thoughts on color (palette), as relating to existing decor,  are also helpful.  Clients should also consider whether they'r interested in creating a surround atmosphere, comprised of multiple wall treatments, or single, isolated scene (that may even be movable).  For new home construction its important to be objective and flexible. Future embellishments and additional pictures may always be added to a space, so long as the client keeps this option open and doesn't make more permanent decisions, such as devoting a wall entirely to wood 'built-ins' etc.  

While its helpful to have a budget in advance,  price options will be offered upon the initial meeting. Once he has seen the location, (photos may suffice for out of state clients) Russell is usually able to provide a ballpark price quote. Variables will depend mainly upon size and detail, as well as ease of work environment for 'on site' work.

If the client only has a vague idea of what they'd like, a
 deposit may not be necessary for Russell to further brainstorm with them while creating rough sketches (at no obligation) and sharing sample references for inspiration.  Once he has sufficient information, he will submit a formal estimate and projected timeline.  For original compositions, upon receipt of a 'design deposit',  Russell will create a finished drawing and color study, prior to painting stage. This way, both he and his patrons are able to review very clearly how the completed work will appear.  This generally resolves any mystery or questions about the project and allows Russell to proceed with confidence.  He prides himself on clear communication and thorough preparations.  

A copy of the finished design will be given to the client for approval. At this stage there is still no obligation to continue with Russell into the painting stage (although, depending on the composition, the right to use the design may not be transferable without the use of a licensing agreement).

Those contemplating a portrait are asked to please contact Russell to request an updated pricing and procedures sheet.